Reading on wheels!

On January, 2oth members from of organization "Bücherschmaus" brought travelling book bags to the Krim!

Pupils and teachers alike were delighted to take a peek inside at the treasury of stories.

Each week, one child can roll the books home to share with his or her family at no cost.

Many thanks to Petra Ollinger and Georg Schober for bringing us this great opportunity!

The Krim's first Travelling Book Bag

Inspired by the Berliner Lesertroll, the first travelling book bag in the Krim was set in motion on December, 2nd 2015 by Mrs. Metz. A bag with 17 English book and a notebook for comments can be taken home by students now for a week in order to share its content with family members. After writing a comment or drawing a picture in the notebook the bag is passed  on to another student to take home for a week.