Kids' Story Award 16 - The Winners!

The Kids' Story Award 16 was born in the face of disappointment. When we discovered that the Story Award contest we were hoping to participate in had been cancelled, we decided to create our own event!

Initiated by the 2B of the Krim, we invited seven classes from the BRG19 and the NMS/VBS In der Krim to participate in our own "Kids' Story Award"! Pupils in the same grade level exchanged the best of their writing with each other. Then pupils chose the best story from the parallel class and the winners were awarded with certificates and best of all, huge chocolate bars!

Congratulation to all participants and winners!

And thanks to Mrs. Metz!!!

Kids Story Award

Pupils of Ms Metz's 2B English "Thunder Group" have invited 7 classes from the NMS in der Krim and the BRG19 to participate in a writing contest. The pupils themselves will pick 3 winners from each class. The due date for all submissions is Februrary 13th, 2016.

Story Award 2b and 3b