Welcome at the airport
welcome song from 2b
backing Apfelstrudel with DLPC
lessons in 2b and 3b
sight seeing tour with 4b students
language work shop day
international buffet
interviews with school newspaper group
lessons in 4a, 4b and 3a
school lunch
meeting with BSI Dr. Huber
teachers or bakers

Erasmus+ project: Spanish teachers visiting the Krim

From Oct., 8th to 14th 3 Spanish teachers have been visiting our school.

This was our very exciting program with them:


Thursday 8.10.  

pick up at the airport with 1b class

teachers meeting in the evening at a Heurigen


Friday 9.10.       

welcome at the Krim: song, presentation of school house

presentation of the VBS, DLPC, ELP and whole day care

lessons at 3b and 2b

backing Apfelstrudel with DLPC

meeting at the EU-Büro des Stadtschulrates


Saturday 10.10.

Sight seeing tour with students from 4b


Monday 11.10.

Language workshop day with students from 1b and tutor students from 3a, 3b and 4b

International buffet with parents and students from 1b

Feedback conference for future activities


Tuesday 12.10.

lessons and meeting at VBS VS 1180, Scheibenbergstraße

lessons at the Krim at 4a, 4b and 3a

Lunch at the "Offene Schule" - afternoon care

meeting with our BSI Dr. Huber

fare-well dinner with the Krim team


Thank you!

To all our collegues, students, helpers, tutors, parents,... for the wonderful team work!