Turkish teachers visited the Krim

On March, 5th a delegation of 10 Turkish teachers from prevocational schools (Berufsschulen) near Ankara visited our school to learn more about our bilingual projects and the DLPC class.

Their trip was organised by an organisation promoting Erasmus+ projects.

Our headmistress welcomed them with an introduction about our school. After that they were guided through our school house by four German, English and Turkish speaking students from the DLPC class.

Then they spent one lesson in the DLPC class to listen to the students' reports about their job experience days and their future plans. The Turkish teachers were really very interested and asked a lot of questions. And we were really proud of our students answering their questions fluently in German, English and Turkish!

In the end there was time to give and get feedback and share experiences with our headmistress and Mrs. Samek. It was very interesting for all of us to learn about the differences in the schooling systems!