"Escaping war - sharing refugees' memories....portfolio work for a better Europe"

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Erasmus Project Presentation Mai 2019

On Mai 21st we invited special guests, parents and students to a final Erasmus project presentation and ceremony:


25 Krim kids in Spain!

From 23. - 30.9.2018  25 kids from our school (3b, 4b, 2b and 2c) visited our partner school in St. Gregori/Girona SPAIN

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15 Spanish kids visited the Krim and Vienna

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Erasmus Workshop week April 2018

"Kinder im Krieg"

Ein Workshop im Heeresgeschichtlichen Museum über

Kinder im Krieg, Kindersoldaten und Flüchtlingskinder

"A family affair" - a play by the Vienna English Theater - about a refugee family in Britain

"You and I - here and there" the 2b in the hands on exhibition about refugee kids in ZOOM kindermuseum

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Kinderrechte Workshop mit ORF

Asylanwältin zu Besuch

"Together" Videoworkshop "We are more than flags..."

zum "zeitimpuls" Filmfestival

"We are international - we are open minded"

Fotos und Videos

Trickfilmworkshop der Erasmusgruppe

"The story of my family"



Behind the scenes ;-)        --> FOTOS

--> Video


Workshop week June 19th - 22nd 2017


Workshop Day with 12 stations to learn more about refugees and their stories

(with videos, stories, comics, worksheets, poems, facts,...)




Role play workshop with the 1b and "Asylkoordination" - "Stationen einer Flucht"

Video Day2


Parents Information Evening



Drum & Peace Workshop with the 1b and our social worker Maria   



Timeline History Workshop with 2b

Integrationsbotschafter von Zusammen:Österreich ("embassadors of integration") visiting the school (2b, 3a, 4b and 4a)



Day 4:

Timeline History Project: Presentation 2b --> 1b

Role Play workshop for 2b ("Stationen einer Flucht")


Visiting the Caritas Refugee Home of the district with 1b (helping to decorate the kids room and to clean up the yard)


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