PPPs about Volos and Mt.Pelion

Greek students visited the Krim!

On April the 10th a group of 12 Greek students (11 girls and one boy, age 15) and 2 teachers from the 1st Gymnasium of Volos visited our school for one day! We did a lot of activities together - as you can see below - and some of us also met them on two evenings in the City center and at the Prater!

It was a great experience for all of us to get in contact with students from abroad to learn about their culture and tradition and to use our language skills!

Since January the DLPC class students and teachers had contact with them via e-mail and letters and learned a bit about Greece and the Greek language ;-).

...and we will definitely keep contact with them!

 This was our first date in the City center:

Welcome at the Krim!

For a warm welcome the 2a and 2b class students sang the Austrian song " I am from Austria" and the latest Hit "Happy" for the Greeks and Hr. Bauer spoke a nice welcome speech.

Then the DLPC students took them to the computer room for a Power Point Presentation about our school, the Austrian School System and our district. The Greek students also had a Presentation for us about their City - Volos, a harbour city of 200000 people in the province of "Thessalien" in the gulf of the Pelion peninsula.


Apfelstrudel vs. Käsetaschen

After the official part we took them to our kitchen to show them how to bake a Viennese Apfelstrudel and the Greek students taught us how to prepare Greek "Käsetaschen" - made of Feta cheese and eggs.

That was great fun and ... Mmmh! Delicious!


Sirtaki and Walzer!

While the Strudel were in the ofen we all went to the Festsaal to dance and play together!

The Greek girls showed us a dance from Crete and taught us how to dance "Sirtaki". The DLPC students showed them how to dance a Viennese Walz!

We had a funny time together!

And then it was unfortunately time again to say "Good bye" or better "Adio!" and "Ja su!"


Video Welcome

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Video Greek dances

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Video Walzer

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