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Introducing... our Spanisch partner school

Felicitacio de Nadal! Merry Christmas from Spain

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Bon dia! Guten Morgen!

Spanish students
Krim students

Spanish students say "Gracies!"

We've sent the Spanish students and teachers a map of Vienna and a typical Austrian sweet: Mannerschnitten.

With these nice pictures they are saying "Gracies!" to us:

International School Partnerships

The Krim has been looking for partner schools in Europe to develop an ERASMUS+ project for the next years! And finally found a very nice partner school in Spain!

Both schools applied in 2015/16 for a one year Erasmus+ KA1 staff mobility project, that gave teachers from the Krim and from the Spanish school the chance for a job shadowing moblity and to share experiences in the use of the European Langage Portfolio, digital portfolio work and e-learning methods (ipad class)


Year 2015/16


Mobility 1:

From Oct., 8th to 14th 3 Spanish teacher collegues have been visiting the Krim! see more

Mobility 2:

Krim teachers have been visiting the Spanish partner school from April 21th to 27th, 2016 see more


This is our partner school's website and their way of teaching:

Institut Vall de Llemena VIDEO

After this year  applied for an Erasmus+ KA2 students' mobility that will give our students the opportunity to use their English and to improve their language skills, to improve their ICT and portfolio competences and to become open minded and tolerant European citizens.

Topic "Escaping war - sharing refugees memories - portfolio work and the ELP for a better Europe"



YEAR 2016/17

Dec, 16:

3 Spanish teachers visited the Krim again for a first transnational meeting and some students' activities

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 May, 17:

Krim teachers went to Spain for another Transnational meeting to prepare the project and the students' mobilities

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